San Diego Guardian Angels Dance Auditions

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San Diego Guardian Angels Dance Auditions

Registration for the official audition workshops and audition of the San Diego Guardian Angels Dance team

Early Registration Workshop 1: $25.00
Early Registration Workshop 2: $25.00

Early Registration Both Workshops: $50.00
Early Registration Audition: $10.00

Early Registration Both Workshops + Audition: $60.00

Proof of Identity

I understand that upon registration I must provide proof of identity through any form of government identification (Government issued ID card, Driver’s License, Passport). Any falsified information will result in my removal from the event and San Diego Guardians, the San Diego Guardian Angels are not liable for any actions of fraudulence that occur on my behalf. I certify that I am the individual above as registered and all information provided in the registration is true.

Waiver/ Liability

I, the undersigned, certify that I am eighteen (18) years of age or older. As lawful consideration for being permitted to participate in in open tryouts (hereinafter referred to as event) and any and all contest or activity associated with the event. I agree that I will not make claim against, sue, attach the property of San Diego Guardians, San Diego Guardian Angels Dance Team or the American Basketball Association, their agents, sponsor, building contractors, suppliers, program operators, and employees, for damages of death, personal injury, and property damages in may occur as a result of my participation in the registered event or any associated activities. This release is intended to discharge in advance the San Diego Guardians and the American Basketball Association their agents, sponsors, building contractors, program operators, suppliers, and employees from any and all negligent actions arising or connected in any way with participation in the event or associated activities. I further understand that participation in the event involves physical contact between players and that serious accidents occasionally occur during such activities and that participants in such activities like sporting events occasionally sustain serious personal injury including death or property damages as a result thereof. Knowing the risk of participation nevertheless, I hereby, agree that I assume those risk and I hold harmless the San Diego Guardians basketball organization their agents, sponsors, and employees who (through careless negligence) otherwise might be liable to me or (My heirs or assigns) for damages.


Additionally, I grant the San Diego Guardians organization and its agents or employees to use photographs and/ or videos taken of me and my name used for future promotions, from this date forward, without royalties, or other compensation, or the rights to inspect or approve such photography/video and hold the San Diego Guardians organization harmless from all claims arising from use of these photographs/videos. *

Rules and Regualtions

I attest that I am eighteen (18) years of age or older and I am physically fit and have no known medical conditions that prohibit participation in this event and associated activities. I agree to follow all rules, guidelines, and regulations of conduct for the event and all associated activities. I understand that I am responsible for the good condition of any and all sporting equipment and clothing provided to me from the San Diego Guardians, the San Diego Guardian Angels and the American Basketball Association, their agents, sponsors, program operators, building contractors, suppliers, and employees.

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