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The Pro Sports Alliance of San Diego was created for the Evolution and Elevation of Pro Sports in San Diego.
The collaboration between the teams has been incredible and we believe that together we can make our individual teams stronger. Many exciting things are planned including a Team Pass which will allow fans to see each team play over a course of a year at a discount and community events to help underserved youth. will be the go-to, one-stop place to go for team news, information, schedules, scores, streaming of live games and purchasing tickets. Thank you for taking a look at this new group that will help enhance sports in San Diego.

The right guy to lead us.

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May 5, 2018

The Guardians have agreed to hire Mr. Brandon Cheeks as the new head coach. Coach Brandon has the knowledge and ability we need to lead our team to successful season both on and off the court. While this was an easy decision for the Guardians, we knew that Brandon gave us the best ability to win as an organization. From his humble personality and passion for the game Brandon serves as a perfect fit with the right attitude and focus. We are happy to have coach Brandon and are excited about the opportunity to work with him this season. Brandon will also continue to serve as our strength and conditioning coach. If you would like to get in shape and workout with Brandon, please email or

Welcome Brandon Cheeks and 3R Training

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The San Diego Guardians would like to welcome Brandon Cheeks and his company 3R Training as the official strength and conditioning coach of the Guardians. We are very excited to have Brandon as part of the team and grateful for his time in getting players in the best shape possible for the upcoming season. Brandon has developed and program for any returning player as well as any potential players. If anyone would like more information on this program please contact us at

Total Body Hydration

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Total Body Hydration is on a mission to educate the world that Not All Water is created Equal!

James and Monica have made it their mission of compassion to do this by sharing with everyone the Electrolyzed Reduced Water and help educate on the benefits, such as Energy, Clarity, Anti-Aging, Antioxidant-Rich, Nutritious and delicious.

The water bottled industry is an unregulated industry. We need to inform the masses on the harm the bottled water does on our bodies and environment. Why are there chemicals in bottled water? Water should be that, just WATER!

To learn more about Total Body Hydration visit Make sure you sign up for the free ebook and see why this water is so special.


The San Diego Guardians fall to the San Diego Kings in a intense nail biter 98-101, in what was the first of 2 highly anticipated matchups, the Guardians found themselves behind by a 25 point deficit. With great resilience and effort they fought back but wasn’t able to seal the win. The Guardians look to redeem themselves December 3rd when they take on the San Diego Surf at Miramar College.